“Home for Love” by Aneesa Price is a sweet and steamy romance about single mother Bree, who after seven years absence returns to her home town Devil’s Peak in Alaska.
She reconnects with Todd, her childhood sweetheart and the father of her daughter Amber, who up until then did not know about Amber’s existence.
The two manage to come to an amicable arrangement about the child care but his mistrust of her and her distant behaviour towards him make a rekindling of their romance seem impossible.
Bree and Todd are great characters, believable as grown ups who have the best interest for their child at heart, both dealing with issues beyond their love life and struggling with life in their small and sometimes claustrophobic community.
Price seems to be in her element in the romance genre, confident, charming and cheeky. A welcome change from love stories that are overly complicated or hyped up, this was a very pleasant read.

Aneesa Price - Mama's Got A Life

At this time, 13 years ago, I’d been married for an hour. Fast-forward to today and I still find myself starting to watch the clock in the afternoon for when my husband will be home, I still can’t fall asleep without his arms wrapped around me and I still have the best fun with him. Oh, I’ve found true love… the kind that dances with your heart, strengthens your spirit and lightens any burden you may come across. I was and am irrevocably in love with my husband.

But, it wasn’t all sunshine and honeydew… oh, we had quite a few obstacles from external sources that we had to overcome. But, that’s my own love story and perhaps I’ll share it in future, perhaps not.

What I will share with you today is the contemporary romance novel, Home for Love. It was an Amazon US and UK paid and…

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