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“A World of Verse” by ASMSG Authors is a magnificent showcase of new and established talent in the world of rhymes and verses.
The collection covers a huge range of themes and types of poetry, even pieces by the same author may vary in style and content. Thoughtfully but without rhyme Alan Hardy is first up with his wonderful musings about the life of an old lady, while later on for example Peter Watson Jenkins delivers a great ‘Sonnett’ in more traditional style of verse; Andy Szpuk chooses amongst others war and a dirty motel for his powerful and concise poems; some authors write more cryptic or in staccato (B L. Ronan, Teresa Garcia), others sound like rhythmic short stories with full sentences and a story to tell (Laurie Miller Kazmierczak – check out her 3rd Thought, it is amazing, as is Muriel Cyr’s heartbreaking ‘For Marcel Giroux’ and Ollie Lambert’s inspired ‘Oscar Wager II’).
Other favourites of mine were Ian Bradley Marshall’s tribute to his mother and ‘Anyhows’, a great reflection on conscience; James Amoateng’s take on men, Karena Marie’s sad love poem to a fallen soldier and Lucy Pireel’s short and poignant ‘woe’,.
Although the steps of this amazing bunch of writers do not match the selection of talent is overwhelming and I could have picked quotes from almost any writer in this anthology. I have read some novels or short stories by some of these authors and am amazed at their versatility.
If you like poetry then this is a guaranteed and rich source of great materials so look no further.