The Way I Write:

Most days I sit down as soon as I have walked the dogs in the early morning hours – a compulsive morning person just like my father – and write. The first idea for a story announces itself gradually and suddenly demands to be written down, maybe just in sketches and as a collection of material for specific characters. Then the story begins to tell itself and while the structured part of me wants to hold back and plan the story line and events everything runs away and I have a hard time keeping up with it.
That kind of casual story telling has often caused me grave concern that there are no consistencies in the writing and that nothing will make sense in the end. At page 40, 60 or 80 I stop and go back over the first few chapters. By the end of that rewrite I know where the story is going next and again I have to keep up with it.
At page 120 or 140 the same will happen again and by then I usually am beginning to understand a little more how it all comes together and why I am writing this story in the first place. At that point the idea of a title often is born.
Once the story is finished / has found an ending I go back over it several times, finding mistakes of continuity or other errors. I tend to leave the story like this for a few months before returning to it over and over again.
I feel lucky to be writing in the way I do. Whenever it comes to scenes that need to happen I find myself bored and uncomfortable, preferring the unknown and unexpected to the predictable and planned.