Writing about Jews during the Second World War is certainly far from innovative, whether the characters survive or not. That was one of the main reasons for me to hold back with the story that came to my mind twelve months ago.

Was that market over saturated? Do we need to hear more about that era or have we reached a point where we need to move on and attend to new injustices and more contemporary matters in our writing?

I for one have not tired of hearing the many different personal stories. There are always new angles to a seemingly similar story or fate.

Even after 65+ years of people talking and writing about it I find the scale of the Holocaust still unimaginable and there are still plenty of more tales to be told.

I stumbled upon the role that Slovakia played in the war more or less by chance. I learned a new piece of History that I had never known about. How similar and yet so different life for Jews would have been in a country so close to the Reich. The unique role of Slovakia with an ‘illegitimate’ government and a government in exile was particularly fascinating. Although a partner of Nazi Germany the country was ‘liberated’ by the Red Army and a victim of Hitler.

The Luck Of The Weissensteiners is currently in the last stages of editing and will be published in December 2012