First professional feed back. yippie

Dear Christoph,

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this professional editing sample on your behalf. It was my pleasure to review your writing.

Your writing style was quite engaging. I enjoyed reading the sample you provided, it was well written and interesting to read. I don\’t think it started off too slowly. And there isn\’t much of what I read that I would change, but of course, I only read a small amount of your novel, so it\’s a bit difficult for me to judge right now. I\’m sure if I read the entire book, I would have more useful suggestions.

Attached is your free editing sample. All comments are included within and I hope you find them useful. You can also view all the layers of editing in the Track Changes mode of MS Word using the review toolbar. I have altered grammar, punctuation and structural elements in order to assist you in presenting a clear and effective piece.

I recommend a Level One Edit. This includes a review of spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency and appropriateness of verb tenses, transitional phrasing, continuity/flow of thoughts, and support of statements. All necessary corrections will be made directly on your document.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to partner with you on this potential project. I would be honored to edit this in full.

Should you have ANY questions or concerns regarding the suggested editing, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 1-321-251-6977 or by emailing When placing your order, please include all your specific requests, including needs for British English, APA / MLA styles, references/citations, etc. We look forward to assisting you!

Jeanne Peterson: Falling to Heaven


The story of a Quaker couple in Tibet before and after the Chinese invasion unfolds from three different perspectives, giving the reader a great insight into the struggles both locals and outsiders have to brave with their ideals of peaceful ways of living and a harsh imperialistic reality. Informative, emotional and philosphical.


Dalia Sofer: The Septembers of Shiraz


A great example of telling the story of a country through the eyes of one family and their experience of the changing times. A Jewish family in Tehran feels the consequences of regime changes and is forced to make difficult personal decisions to survive. Very gripping.


Ellen Feldman: Scottsboro


A much more enjoyable read than the subject may suggest, this is the re telling of the famous trial against two alleged black rapists. Focusing on a journalist who follows the case this delivers insights into accusers and accused, public opinion and the justice system. Well written.


Patricia Wastvedt: The German Boy


The emotional story of a British woman who adopts her German nephew in 1947 deals as much with the consequences for a family split by national loyalties as it illustrates the difficulties between the two sisters long before the war. Added intriguing historic details make this also a rather informative read.


Tessa Hadley: The London Train


Two seemingly unrelated stories of individuals travelling between London and Wales. Full of well developed characters and atmospheric charm this is about loose and unbreakable connections between couples and families, told with a few unexpected turns making it a delightful read.