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My new book, TIME TO LET GO, will be released on Amazon on May 15th.

Time to Let Go is a contemporary family drama set in Britain.

Following a traumatic incident at work Stewardess Hanna Korhonen decides to take time off work and leaves her home in London to spend quality time with her elderly parents in rural England. There she finds that neither can she run away from her problems, nor does her family provide the easy getaway place that she has hoped for. Her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and, while being confronted with the consequences of her issues at work, she and her entire family are forced to reassess their lives.

The book takes a close look at family dynamics and at human nature in a time of a crisis. Their challenges, individual and shared, take the Korhonens on a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

This is my first attempt at contemporary fiction and naturally I am very excited and nervous about it at the same time.

While I am in the last stages of coombing through the proof copy, I put the book on Goodreads and handed out Advance Review Copies.

Here are the first two reviews:

Lauren wrote: This story hits really close to home with me. My Greatgrandmother, who has passed and my grandfather, who is alive, both had/have Alzheimer’s. In my opinion it is the worst disease around. You watch your loved one’s forget everything, names, stories even how to live. This story has me in tears because the author truly understands and makes the story relate to everyone. I was brought up in a family that takes care of their own, no homes or live in nurses, we move in with one another and make it work. In this book Hannah suffers a tragedy at work and decides to spend time with her parents to get her head right. But after returning home she realizes her mother Biddy’s Alzheimer’s has gotten worse and harder on her dad. You become so attatched to these characters, and are heartbroken at the end because you know what lies ahead. This is a must read for anyone that has dealt with Alzheimer’s, even if you are lucky enough not to know anyone who suffers from it this is a great read. Have kleenex on hand and know that this emotional story will stay with you, but it is worth the tears. *****

Dermot wrote: Although Alzheimer’s disease plays a major role in this wonderful novel, this is not a book about Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes it takes a crisis to reunite a family and when air stewardess Hanna suffers a traumatic experience at work, this is exactly what happens, although not for the reasons she had initially anticipated. As one of Hanna’s brothers explains, people react differently to stress and trauma in their lives and how each of the characters in this story react to the stresses in their lives and how they impact others in their social circle is precisely what’s going on here. As a response to her stressful situation, Hanna reacts by retreating to what she thinks is a family that will comfort and support her in the rural countryside. However, her father Walter is dealing with the stress of his wife’s mental retreat from him and the world into a seemingly no-man’s land of confusion and forgetfulness, characteristic of Alzheimer’s. Interestingly, whereas his wife is bereft of memories from the past, Walter immerses himself more fully into his as he chronicles his family history as if fearing that if events from his past are not recorded, they may be lost for good, almost as if they had never happened to begin with. As they are pulled back into a family dynamic, Hanna’s brothers must also face the stressful memories of their past, both actual and imagined and are each given perhaps a final opportunity for family reconciliation, secrets to be finally revealed, etc., which they both respond to differently and tellingly for their very disparate personalities. A very interesting scene recounts a situation where under hypnosis, a war veteran patient suffering memory loss was able to remember events prior to the trauma that in his normal consciousness, he had no recollection. This suggests that the mind, in the role of shielding us from painful memories may be also preventing the recall of the happy memories, as well. Luckily for Hanna, however, this is not her plight and she faces her traumatic past and her stressful present/future with courage and fortitude, allowing for all possibilities both wished for and feared. In so doing, the universe opens doors before her where she herself could only see brick walls.

Here is an excerpt:

He heard Biddy stir on the sofa and his thoughts returned to the here and now. Biddy was all love and happiness when he went in to the living room to wake her with a cup of tea.

“Oh, you are so nice. Thank you, thank you so much. I love hot tea,” she said and she snuggled up to her husband. These moments of closeness had become rare between the couple and he cherished them. Sometimes he felt he had lost his wife for good with the disappearance of her memory, but then she was suddenly back for brief moments like this. They sat together on the sofa for a while without saying anything. Biddy took sips from her tea and Walter for a moment could live the dream that she was with him, as if she remembered exactly who he was and why he was here. Biddy leaned on him and he could choose to believe that it was a sign of their unbroken connection to each other. Dead brain cells, grey matter, synapses and shortage of chemicals – all the medical explanations did not matter.This moment did: him and his wife, Walter and Biddy Korhonen, and their unity on the sofa.

“You will make someone a good husband.” Biddy broke the silence all of a sudden, shattering the happy illusion, but she smiled at him with the utmost care and affection.

“Yes, I think one day I will!” he said smiling back, accepting that the brief, heavenly visit to the past was over and the new reality had returned.

“Now, let’s get you dressed and go outside for a walk. How about that my sweetheart?” he asked.

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Real Life Seeps into #Fiction

Originally posted on Writing Whims:

Click here to grab Kindle copy for .99 cents during April

Click here to grab Kindle copy for .99 cents during April

I’m often asked if real life seeps into my novels. As we head into the anniversary of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill on April 20, I’ve thought about how much of my life seeped into the writing of Trails in the Sand.

During April 2010, two significant manmade disasters occurred in the United States. Both of the tragedies became a part of my life for the remainder of the year and led me to question how we live our lives. It took me some months to make the connection between the two events, but when I did, they both found a home in Trails in the Sand, the novel I began writing in late 2010.

The first tragedy occurred on April 5, when a coal mine exploded in West Virginia, several hours away from my new home…

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The Bone Church: Real and Imagined

Originally posted on Cold:

bone church exterior The Ossuary at Sedlec – or Bone Church of Kutna Hora as it’s more commonly known – is a relatively plain church from the exterior. At least as far as Old World European standards go. It sits about an hour outside of Prague in the Czech Republic, and last time I was there, some ten years ago, it was still a dingy mustard color on the outside.

In fairness, most ossuaries are just church basements filled with neatly piled up human bones, so there typically isn’t anything out of the ordinary about the actual structure it’s housed in. There’s no electrically powered Grim Reaper standing with a scythe a chuckling a deep MWAAHHAAHAAA, the way there is at any self-respecting haunted house.

In fact, the only feature that advertised that there just might be more than meets the eye to The Bone Church of Kutna Hora was the skull and…

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The Luck of Weissensteiners by Christoph Fischer

Originally posted on AUTHORS PROMOTION:

chrsitoph the-luck-of-the-weissensteiners
Another dark chapter of European History – The Luck of Weissensteiners by Cristoph Fisher
This is book #1 of ”The Three Nation Trilogy” 
Christoph Fischer offers an eye opening on home,relationships and identity affected by war, political changes and moral issues raised by the union between a German man and a young Jewish woman in 1933 in the Slovak capital – Bratislava.
This is just about the time when Germany start to make waves in Europe and their relationship is changing,just as the all world around them is changing, like everyone else’s life who went through the grey and difficult events of the times.
The Luck of Weissensteiners is a very well written book about German and Jewish perspectives during the WW 2.
christoph fisherChristoph Fischer was born in Germany in 1970 as the son of a Sudeten – German father and a Bavarian mother.
Not a full local in the…

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Review of Carol McKibben’s lovely Dog Books


“Luke’s Tale” by Carol McKibben is an emotional and bitter sweet love story. It tells us about a couple who both deal immaturely with her cancer and about their dog that holds the two of them together.
Told from the perspective of the dog this is a pull on your heart strings that will appeal hugely to animal lovers and pet owners and will have many in tears throughout.
Sometimes too much for my liking in terms of the sentiment it redeems itself easily through the great development of the lead characters.

Blurb: Luke, an intelligent, 89-pound yellow Labrador retriever, has an odd ability to understand human conversations and actions. When his owner’s girlfriend, Sara Colson, discovers she has breast cancer Luke is the sole secret keeper of her disease. Not knowing if she’ll survive, Sara leaves her boyfriend, Ashlundt Jaynes, to shield him from the pain. Luke, knowing how to give unconditional love, is the catalyst bringing the two lovers back together and helps them stay together while Sara and Ashlundt overcome a series of life-changing events.

At the heart of Luke’s Tale is the story of two lovers and their struggle with unforeseen disillusionment to build a lasting relationship — and the loving, furry creature who is devoted to them beyond all reason.


“Snow Blood: Episode 1″ by Carol McKibben was a real surprise find for me. Being a dog person I was tempted but I only reluctantly ventured out to read this book about a white husky who becomes vampire but to my relief and joy the concept really worked.
Snow, the husky, tells in his own words how he comes in contact with Brogio, his saviour and master, and how his new life pans out.
Telling a vampire dog story adds a great twist, one that is ling overdue since we have shapeshifters and werewolve stories everywhere. Telling the story from the dog’s perspective worked for me since it is a welcome break from just ‘cute’ dog stories and stories told by dogs.
Episode 1 sets the scene and focuses on the transformation and the main characters, but it is ultimately a short novel that leaves a lot for the next instalments. 
The drama, the suspense and the perspective are excellent and I no doubt will make my way through this canine paranormal series. 
Well done. 

Join the dark world of Brogio, the first vampire! What past secrets torture his present-day existence? How can his Kindred dog help him overcome the forces threatening to destroy him and all that he loves? When Brogio must turn Snow, a beautiful white husky, in order to save the dog, a series of events are unleashed that reveal a sinister plot against the father of all vampires. As life and true death experiences bond the two together, they unravel a conspiracy that when resolved may return Selene, the love of Brogio’s life, back to him and set him free from the lonely existence that has plagued him for thousands of years!


Carol in Amazon
Carol on Goodreads
Snow Blood on Amazon
Luke’s Tale in Amazon

About this author 
Carol McKibben was a magazine publisher for more than 20 years. She began a new career in freelance writing and editing in 2007. As well as editing other authors’ works to realize their dreams, she has completed Luke’s Tale and published a memoir, Riding Through It. 

Carol currently writes from the heart of a dog’s eyes. Often telling her stories to Laberdoodles, Basset Hounds and any stray that happens by, it wasn’t long before people stopped to have a listen as well. Now Carol writes for people and speaks to large audiences, dogs included. 

Watch Our for my upcoming Interview with Carol on ChristophFischerBooks.com


Shane KP O’Neill and The Dracula Chronicles. A new experience in vampires

Originally posted on Just Olga:

Like all Fridays I bring you an author guest who is also launching a new book. If  you’re into vampires novels, you should not miss this chance to get to know Shane KP O’Neill and his Dracula Chronicles . And without further ado:


Once read, never forgotten.



The Dracula Chronicles is a new and exciting series adding a fresh dimension to the Dracula legend, which combines the real historical Vlad Dracula with a new and different version of Dracula the vampire. The series has been released in two arcs, one that follows Dracula the man and the other following Dracula the vampire. It is written in a style that is both literary and cinematic, that places you there in the thick of the action always.

The books are…

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The Bone Church Cometh


For me this is one of the most anticipated book releases of this year :-)

Originally posted on Cold:

BoneChurch_border My Cold War thriller, The Bone Church, debuts on April 15th and I’m nervous, excited and more than a little bit relieved. Honestly, it feels like my daughter’s wedding or something.

Here’s an idea of what it’s about:

In the surreal and paranoid underworld of wartime Prague, fugitive lovers Felix Andel and Magdalena Ruza make some dubious alliances — with a mysterious Roman Catholic cardinal, a
reckless sculptor intent on making a big political statement, and a gypsy with a risky sex life.

As one by one their chances for fleeing the country collapse, the two join a plot to assassinate Hitler’s nefarious Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Josef Goebbels.

But the assassination attempt goes wildly wrong, propelling the lovers in separate directions. Felix’s destiny is sealed at the Bone Church, a mystical pilgrimage site on the outskirts of Prague, while Magdalena is thrust even deeper into the bowels…

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Kev’s Author Interviews Presents, PAULETTE MAHURIN! (Text Interview)

Originally posted on Kev's Blog:

51FTdGSie7L._AA160_ First let me say a heartfelt thank you, Kev, for having me over to your site for this
Interview. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be featured at your great site.   Thank you Paulette.

Paulette Mahurin

Town: Ojai, CA

Country: USA

Kevin: In a generalized way, tell us a little about yourself. Where you grew up, siblings, family life, education, and how you got to where you are now.

I grew up in west Los Angeles and have a Master’s Degree from UCLA. I’m a Nurse Practitioner, with a background in emergency room medicine and women’s health. I write as a hobby and because I love to. I live with my husband, Terry, and our two rescue dogs, Max & Bella.
Kevin: How long have you been writing for?

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved to write.

Kevin: What is your genre?

My first novel…

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5 star Review: “Butterfly Season” by Natsha Ahmed


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butterfly-seasonToday I am making good my promise to review this charming novel, a romance from a new promising, female author from Pakistan: Natasha Ahmed. As I anticipated a fantatsic story just to my liking with a cross-cultural theme from the not so often heard female voice and perspective from that region of Asia.

“Butterfly Season” by Natasha Ahmed is a beautiful romance between two Pakistani adults in London. Rumi is on a holiday to visit her sister in London when she meets successful businessman and very attractive Ahad. They share an intellectual and physical attraction but the odds, families and circumstances all seem to work against them.
Rumi is already over 30 and inexperienced and only on a holiday. Her expectations and her feelings are beautifully described in this sensitive and low key novel that says a lot about the importance of finding yourself, your confidence and following your heart.
Having spent a lot of her life dedicated to others and her family, can this be the season to fly for Rumi? 

Natasha Ahmed has written two great characters, a believable chemistry between the two leads and portrays the obstacles in an insightful manner. Rumi finds herself in the twilight between conservative and restrictive views and a modern society in which she also believes. This is a great novel that successfully combines romance with deeper issues. 

Buy links:

Author Interview with Su Williams #ASMSG Electorate Blog Hop


1 Twitter photo w AdB-001

Today I have Su Williams on my blog as part of the ASMSG Electorate Blog Hop, a lucky choice since I adore her novel Dream Weaver. (Scroll al the way down for the link to our rafflecopter!)

Here is my Interview with Sue: 

Tell us a little about yourself as writer and a person. What is your writing routine like – our daily routine and the process?

Thank you for hosting me here Christoph! Well, I live in the sometimes white/sometimes green Pacific Northwest with my husband Ben, and two of my four children, Aundraic, Jack, Josiah and Sarah. Our home is an ever changing menagerie of critters that now includes 2 cranky cats, an adorable crested gecko and my teddy puppy beagle. I’ve been writing most of my life—poems and short stories—but only tried my hand at a novel in the last 6 years. It has been a long journey of learning for me.

Did anyone influence you / encourage you to become a writer?

My favorite authors—Marissa Meyer, Stephanie Meyer, Lisa McMann and Maggie Stiefvater influenced me to take on the challenge of writing a novel. And my family, especially my parents, have encouraged me to chase after this crazy dream. me n my bike

What do your family say about your books / your taking so much time up writing?

My family has been pretty supportive. We’ve all learned what kind of time it takes to create a single book and present it to the world. My husband gave me a standing ovation after reading my second book Rock Star; and my mom and dad are my constant champions…word of mouth IS the greatest advertisement, ya know.

When did you decided to write for young adults and in the paranormal genre?

I find even as an ‘adult’ I prefer to read young adult books. And I’ve always been drawn by the whole vampire, werewolf, magic kind of world.

How long does it take you to write and publish a book?

I’m not sure I can give a fair answer to that. Dream Weaver took me 5 years. I knew absolutely nothing about how to do it. So I took that time write, learn, edit, learn, go to conferences and learn and edit some more. Rock Star took me maybe a year. And Private Eye should be done within 6 months. I guess the more you learn the less time it takes you to write a good story. But I tend to be a perfectionist and put out the best quality of work I’m capable of.

What would you do if you did not write, so you have any other ambitions and creative outlets?

Shrivel up and die…oh you said if I didn’t write, not if I couldn’t write. I’d get an amazing camera and take pictures.

What is the easiest about writing and what is the hardest? Dream Weaver cover cropped final

I guess I might rank it like this: Easiest – writing. Not as much fun – editing. Hardest – promotion.

Would you say there is a message in your books beyond the story?

A lot of people toss around the term PTSD but don’t truly understand it. I’m not an expert by any means but PTSD has been a big part of my adult life. In a way, I guess I wanted people to understand the disorder better and show people who suffer from it that there’s light at the end of the tunnel…ya just gotta keep moving toward it. 

 Do you find it is well received and picked up by the reviewers?

For the most part, yes. Dream Weaver holds a 4.4 star rating on Amazon; and Rock Star a 5. But there are always going to be people out there that don’t get it or like it.

What do you like most about your characters?

I love that this ‘journey’ hasn’t simply been their story. It’s been a learning adventure for me. From sleep stages and brain waves to historical facts of England in the 1750’s and America in the 1770’s and early 1900’s, the research has been interesting and bonded me to my characters a lot more closely. Even if the reader never knows that background, I still have my private scoop on each of them.

 Which one is your favourite?

Ya know, you’d think it was either of my main characters. But I’m actually more attached to a secondary character Sabre James the most. Sabre’s a bit of bad boy, a lot of an ass. It’s fun to write for him.

Who would play the characters in a film?  Rock_Star_Cover_for_Kindle

Emari Sweet – Haley Ramm

Nickolas Benedetti – Jackson Rathbone

Sabre James – Matthew Gray Gubler

Ivy Summer – Elle Fanning (Elle actually favorited an Oscars tweet I posted!)

Jesse DeLaRosa – JD Pardo

What are your next projects? Tell us about your other books.

The final book in the Dream Weaver series is in the works now. I have twist on a zombie story that I’m percolating on and plan to pick my tattoo artist’s brain about ideas (he’s an avid zombie fan and apocalypse enthusiast); and an anecdotal short story collection of when I was a kid and stories my parents have told me called Sunshine and Daisies.

What is your life like? What do you do for pleasure and work when you are not writing?

I LOVE to take pictures. My favorites are landscapes and normal objects from abnormal angles. Guess I like to look at the world a little differently than most.

What are your favourite books/ films/ albums?

BOOKS: The Shiver series by Maggie Steifvater; Jonathan Maberry’s Rot & Ruin series; Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead; Dead to You and the Wake/Fade/Gone series by Lisa McMann.

MOVIES: Bruce Almighty, Warm Bodies, Red Dawn, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure…

TV: The Walking Dead, Revolution, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU

MUSIC: Evanescence, ACDC, Metallica, James Durbin, Good Charlotte, Bon Jovi, Halestorm…I could go on and on.

What are your views on independent publishing? blog background-001

Independent publishing is an amazing invention and I’m glad to have the resource. I believe every indie author should strive to put out the BEST material they can…even if that means they have to do what I did and spend years learning how to do it.

Can you recommend any indie books/ authors?

I NEVER pass up a chance to give a shout out to my favorite indie author, Sam Whitehouse. Sam is a young writer from Great Britain that writes magically about magical worlds. I’ve loved him from the moment I read the first words he posted on Goodreads. Also, I love Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo and her horse Pie’s book. Pie: An Old Brown Horse…is written from the horse’s POV and tells the life story of 39 year old ranch horse.

What would your friends tell us if we asked for your best and your oddest qualities?

Who has time for friends as a writer??? LOL. No, they’d probably say…I’m a faithful friend and a HUGE dork.

What would you say are you best and oddest qualities?

Personally, I think my tenacity is my best quality. I tend to be pretty longsuffering and stick with stuff even if it sucks. My oddity? I have a fascination with a local cemetery. And one grave in particular…that gave me the backstory for my character Nick.

What (not who!) would you take to a remote island?

intro Sabre trailer-001 

My camera with tons of batteries; my computer so I could write; and a wheelbarrow of great paranormal books—lots of vamps and zoms!


Contact Links:

Su Williams on Facebook

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Buy Links:

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Rafflecopter link:


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